Average UK Car Age 8.1 Years

This morning’s ‘news’ that there are now nearly 38 million cars on the road in the UK and that their average age is now 8.1 years will not come as a surprise to the average student of the motor industry and its many tributaries. Manufacturers have, for years now, been building ever more robust and reliable vehicles and a few of them are providing OEM warranties to show their confidence.  The social imperative, so...

PEP Automotive Announces Corporate Identity Rebrand..

We work in an industry that can't afford to sit on its laurels; we all understand that the automotive industry is dynamic and competitive. And, as consultancy, training and business development specialists to the automotive industry we're all about helping our clients to keep ahead of the game - challenging preconceptions, the way things have been traditionally done, always looking for continuous improvement and ways to stand out from...