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Are you doing your used-car stock justice online?

As more and more research is done online prior to a visit to an automotive dealer by customers in the market for a used car, it's vital to get your online presence - and vehicle presentation - as highly polished as the cars you hope to sell.

Positive first impressions are crucial. Increasingly the online presence is the first 'meeting' between a car shopper and and automotive dealer.

So do you have an online personalty for your dealership which conveys your core values and Unique Selling Propositions?

Equally, you can create an online personality for the vehicles you have for sale. Find something to say about the vehicle that speaks to the potential buyer; if the vehicle is a lovingly cared-for about-town economical runabout, then say so. If it's a stunner, make sure you point out that 'heads will turn'! If it's a versatile, multitasking 4 x4, highlight the benefits.

In short, provide an authentic and impactful message about the car and you have made an emotional connection as to why this car might be perfect for your potential buyer before they even visit your dealership.

Good quality online photographs are vital; we can't stress this enough. Make sure they are vehicle-specific and there are plenty of them. It goes without saying that the vehicle should be photographed in optimum condition and any special features such as nice wheels, smart upholstery or other onboard kit are focused upon.

All quite simple stuff, easy to do - but it can make a big difference.

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