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Inspired & motivated with industry-leading training support - way to go Kawasaki!

I was delighted to be involved with the 2017 Kawasaki Dealer Conference just recently.

I have been working with Kawasaki for some time writing and delivering non-technical dealer coaching and development across sales and Aftersales functions, delivered

to all levels of dealer personnel - and I must say I really enjoy the motorcycle world. The platform allowed me to speak directly to the business owners

and decision- makers of the Kawasaki UK Network, and share with them a view on their retail operations and team development needs.

Motorcycles for the vast majority of customers are a leisure purchase, and as such some the expenditure competes with other options like a new kitchen or a family holiday. Making it easy for the customer to buy is increasingly important.

The need to attract and retain customers is a key focal point for all businesses, and visual appeal is vital. The Kawasaki network has developed considerably over the last 5 years, and now many locations are superb retail facilities with huge brand and product appeal for visiting customers.  This has all been part of the ‘Performance of a Lifetime’ strategy programme that has seen huge improvements in the dealer offering over that last 5 years.

I find that dealers are hugely enthusiastic about motorcycling and the Kawasaki brand.  Many customers have really strong relationships with their dealer, and this clearly helps with the hugely important ‘customer retention' challenge. 

As ever, more can always be done, and with digital marketing and ever developing communication technology, the need to react quickly to all customer enquiries is evident in a world that just won’t wait for anything!

Every dealer wants to make more money, and that is achieved in many ways, not least by having well-coached team members that can drive the business forward in line with the DP’s plan. So, we need a business plan and a staff development plan to help the team members perform at the best level they can.

The Kawasaki Training Academy offers a range of programmes that provide learning and development opportunities for all job tasks. This is supported by ‘e’ based and technical training that really does provide an industry-leading support for the network.

The 2-day conference was a huge success, resulting in inspired and motivated dealers eager to get back to work and present the new and exciting 2017 Kawasaki products to their customers.


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