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PEP Automotive helps clients to develop, implement and manage used car strategies

PEP Automotive helps clients in the automotive industry – manufacturers, importers, dealer networks and dealer groups - to achieve measurable performance improvement from their new and used car sales & aftersales activities.

Driven by the desire to deliver results, PEP Automotive strongly believes in a full appreciation of each client’s objectives - to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to individual markets and specific requirements.

Creativity is important; we do think outside the box and we are never ‘one size fits all’ but our ideas are always underscored by practicality and sustainability.

Specific areas where PEP Automotive can help:

  • The design, develop and management of bespoke used car programmes
  • Creation of vehicle remarketing strategies to support residual values
  • Focusing dealers on KPI measurement to improve performance and profitability
  • Providing full-time or project defined consultancy, coaching and on-line or traditional training programmes

PEP Automotive is based in the UK but operates throughout Europe, the Middle East and India with consultants based in many of these markets.  We bring this global experience to all our clients, ensuring informed strategy, clear focus and results – quickly!

PEP Automotive also help with improvements to new car sales performance and provides specific ‘deep dive’ consultancy in all aspects of dealership management.

A full range of specialist digital tools developed by PEP, branded PEP Auto Apps, is available and used to complement the practical experience of the whole team.

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Experienced professionals who will share world class techniques and processes

World class athletes, golfers, tennis players, the very best performers in all sports, use coaches to help them to identify ways to improve their skills, maximise opportunities and give them a competitive edge. The same principles apply in the automotive industry, where competition and vying for consumer attention is often intense.

PEP Automotive can provide you with an independent view, delivered by experienced professionals who will share world class techniques and processes and help you to adapt them to your own culture, scale of operation and budgets.

PEP Automotive Consultancy services cover:

  • Used cars

  • New cars

  • Aftersales

  • Body repair

  • Financial management

PEP Automotive’s approach is always tailored to specific needs; we establish clear objectives and timescales at the outset and monitor results alongside our clients as part of the team. 

While the impetus for change or development is likely to come from performance and process analysis, it is inevitable that the motivations, skills and personalities of the people involved will have played a significant part in creating the issues under review.

So a typical assignment would also involve a ‘deep dive’ approach to conversations with staff at all levels of the operation, followed by an analysis of processes to gain insight and understanding.

Recommendations are supported by a ‘what if’ study to demonstrate the financial benefits of the proposals; on-going support can be engineered into the assignment to maintain momentum and motivation.

Clients find that PEP Automotive provides a supportive, practical and confidential service, designed to meet key business objectives.

Wherever possible, we aim to help existing management to adapt and improve - to their personal benefit as well as to that of the business.

In addition, PEP Automotive’s library of management tools can provide useful shortcuts for managers to achieve a step change in performance.

PEP Automotive enhances existing skills and helps to develop new ones – for a competitive edge that can be seen in results.

For more information contact Paul Evans at:
paul.evans@pepautomotive.eu or +44 (0)7776 198007

Used Vehicles
Supporting and innovating in the used vehicle arena

Used vehicles sit at the core of PEP Automotive’s business.  For more than 20 years, we have been supporting and innovating in the used vehicle arena, working with manufacturers and their retail networks.

Our specialised skills see us working around the globe, implementing and developing manufacturer used vehicle programmes to improve sales performance, enhance residual values and develop retailer profitability. 

To support these activities, PEP Automotive is constantly evolving new tools, systems and learning materials, tailored to local market requirements to ensure the absolute best results for our clients.

PEP Automotive’s team of skilled individuals all come from a manufacturer or retailer background, ensuring that our approach is fit for purpose and can be delivered in real-world situations.

Flexible, insightful, practical and sustainable, PEP can deliver effective solutions for all your used vehicle needs.

Within our portfolio, PEP Automotive covers all areas of the used vehicle spectrum:

  • Manufacturer used vehicle programme implementation
  • Sourcing programme solutions such as warranty and roadside assistance providers, and establishing programme standards
  • Auditing of programme standards via our unique web based AUDIT PLUS system that allows unrivalled levels of reporting and is used to develop and improve automotive retailer performance whilst measuring programme compliance
  • Development of market-appropriate training and coaching materials that can be delivered across a range of platforms, from conventional class-based to interactive online systems
  • Sales process tools, systems and development programmes
  • Vehicle re-marketing solutions – an end to end approach from appraisal/inspection to refurbished ready to retail
  • Best practice – forums, market visits, supplier presentations

For more information contact Ian Wright at:
ian.wright@pepautomotive.eu or +44 (0)7733 102746

Designed to meet the business needs of manufacturer and retailer networks

We all need the right tools to do our job to the best of our ability - whether that be physical tools or personal skills developed through training and mentoring.

From the technicians in the service department, to the salespeople and aftersales teams, to managers and dealer principals - the right tools to hand can make a significant difference to personal and retailer performance.

For more than 20 years, PEP Automotive has been training and developing, supporting and innovating in the fields of new and used vehicles, aftersales and financial management.

We feel that's given us a pretty good insight into what tools are needed to maximise performance and personal satisfaction.

So, based on our experience, it was a natural progression for PEP Automotive to develop a range of digital tools to support and improve retailer performance and manufacturer KPI analysis.

PEP Auto Apps is an innovative range of digital tools based on our experience and expertise in global markets - developed to revolutionise the way manufacturers communicate with and analyse their retailer network performance, whilst helping retailers to capitalise on recent and future advancements in digital technology.

The PEP Auto Apps suite includes:

  • Coaching Centre - Retailer KPI analysis for manufacturer
  • Photography Standards - Best practice video for photographing retailer stock
  • StockShare - Digital Used Car Display
  • InfoTouch - Digital Silent Salesman
  • Key Benefits Monitor - real-time overview of Programme standards application
  • AuditPlus - Revolutionary approach to stock audit
  • Event - Stock, footfall and sales reporting system to measure event success

For more information contact Anthony Evans at:
anthony.evans@pepautomotive.eu or +44 (0)7778 500323

PEP Automotive helps clients to develop, implement and manage used car strategies

A talented and skilled people resource should be a key priority for every organisation. Bottom line, it is our teams of people that provide the competitive advantage for businesses.

Unlocking everyone’s true potential and talent requires experienced and capable coaches - and targeted, practical support programmes.

PEP Automotive has been involved in such work for more than 20 years, working internationally with blue-chip companies and global marques.

Our role continues to be embedded with many companies, assisting them in gaining the best output for every member of their teams.

PEP Automotive coaches are all seasoned industry experts with many years of operating experience, providing functional and real answers to today’s business challenges.

Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from PEP Automotive training and development and we are pleased to know that many have progressed significantly, realising potential and delivering results through focussed learning that is always based on real life applications.

PEP Automotive doesn’t provide ‘off-the-shelf’ training. We do:

  • Spend time with our clients to fully understand their needs
  • Speak with the intended recipients of our training, to align their thoughts with our development and the brand requirements
  • Develop bespoke training and development material that truly addresses the client’s specific needs
  • Deliver programmes in a manner that is fully engaging, interactive and stimulating – with a dash of fun!
  • Provide the option to follow up with delegates to ensure the learning has been applied  

For more information contact Paul Evans at:
paul.evans@pepautomotive.eu or +44 (0)7776 198007

Business School
PEP Business School aims to educate and empower

The automotive industry is a demanding and competitive sector, whether you operate in Sales, Aftersales or General Management. There is a recognised need to improve your skills to become one of the much sought after ‘top professionals’ that are taking the key roles and receiving the best rewards. 

The PEP Business School can help and support you here.

You may be new to the industry or more experienced; whichever background you come from and whatever level you are at, PEP Business School has a range of on-line learning programmes that will support your development and help to build new skills in a measurable way. 

Our programmes are born of many years of international experience and offer real solutions for the challenges faced in the world markets.

Delivered by industry experts in an engaging style that will impart years of knowledge to you effectively and efficiently, at a time you chose, PEP Business School aims to educate and empower.

We’re all about delivering significant improvement - for individuals and teams - and our mission is to help drive your career forward.


  • The Sales Process

  • Trade in Vehicle Appraisal



  • Effective Service Advisor

  • Parts Selling Skills

  • Parts Up-Selling Skills



  • Motivation

  • Delegation and Empowerment

  • Basic Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios 

For more information contact Paul Evans at:
paul.evans@pepautomotive.eu or +44 (0)7776 198007

Clear focus on delivering significant improvements

The world of motorcycles is a vibrant one that continues to change and evolve.

Practical commuter usage is much less dominant than it was, having given way to a growing leisure-based industry that provides excitement and escapism for many people.

This changing profile, combined with more demanding customers, provides a dynamic industry that few companies are experienced enough to include in their portfolio of services.

PEP Automotive has worked internationally with many motorcycle manufacturers and offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

In our experience, the industry is largely populated by hugely enthusiastic and knowledgeable ‘bike people’ that work hard and serve their customers well. Our aim is to take that energy and product knowledge and fuse it with some new and improved key skills, for an all-round excellent performance.

PEP Automotive’s intervention is to offer focussed Performance Improvement support for manufacturers and business owners, based on three key areas:

  • Profit improvement
  • Customer experience improvement
  • Key staff retention   

Including bespoke classroom-based training and development programmes for Sales, Aftersales and General Management, PEP Automotive will deliver results that benefit individuals and businesses.

PEP Automotive’s onsite consultancy also provides an independent overview of performance, with practical recommendations that can quickly impact on processes and behaviour to improve the three key areas. 

For more information contact Mike Foden at mike.foden@pepautomotive.eu or +44 (0)7740 188042


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Average UK Car Age 8.1 Years

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-23 degrees in Finland, but a breeze for the Jaguar F Pace!

Last week whilst the UK was struggling with falling temperatures and snow, PEP Automotive's consultant was working in Finland on an international coaching programme.  As temperatures fell to -23 degrees, The Jaguar F Pace, shown here, coped admirably in all road conditions allowing road travel to Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. This is the first of several planned visits to the region ove

Exhibitions should showcase our best and brightest – so don’t forget the sales team

Sales team management and motivation

With the Frankfurt Motor Show in full swing and drawing to a close in a few days, I can imagine there are some quite tired people there by now.
Days of being on your toes and under hot lights can take its toll and leave you feeling jaded and hot under the collar! It prompted me to think of a major used car show I was recently at in a European capital city.

The bud

PEP's Ian Wright reflects on La Vie En Bleu

Addicted to cars, particularly classics!

Not all work……
La Vie En Bleu, held at the wonderful Prescott Motor Racing venue just outside Cheltenham, is an annual pilgrimage for me.  It has progressed over the last few years to include both Italian and French marques, with Saturday given over to the Italian brands and Sunday focussing on all things French. 
As Prescott is the home of the Bugatti Owne

Get ready to plug in!

..International reports suggest that by 2040 over 50% of new car sales will be electric...

So, it’s all electric! Well, at least it will be sooner rather than later, given the increased activity being reported around the world on the subject.
It seems that petrol and diesel cars will progressively disappear as the world gets to grip with alternative power options for our mobility, and countries get tougher on emissions.
Some are ahead of

Behind every thought, suggestion, proposal and action
  • Demonstrate kindness to those who may need our help and support
  • Value all clients and their staff equally in a way that reflects their individual skills
  • Show consideration for those who support us with goods and services
  • Welcome visitors as guests with warmth and hospitality
  • A strong belief in the quality of all we do, every time we do it
  • A feeling of self worth that permits only excellence in everything we do
  • A desire to be first choice for our clients in our chosen fields
  • A commitment to respond instantly, without compromising quality, to client needs, business opportunities and the needs of colleagues

Ourselves:        To evolve our skills, knowledge and responsibilities

Our Clients:      To anticipate and satisfy their needs by providing a service that consistently offers new, worthwhile concepts

Our Company:  To build on our success by maintaining the respect we have for fair dealing and integrity, whilst simultaneously responding quickly and effectively to change

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